Donald Glover Leaks Deadpool Script Pages, Says He Wasn’t ‘Too Busy’ to Do the Show

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If there’s one thing Donald Glover wants you to know, it’s that his schedule didn’t kill Deadpool.


Last weekend, FX released a statement confirming that the network, Marvel, Donald Glover and his brother Stephen were parting ways on a proposed animated Deadpool show. When the news broke, Variety speculated that Glover’s packed schedule may have been to blame.

Glover, who is currently writing, starring in and producing the second season of Atlanta, appeared to take exception to that claim, shaking loose his Twitter fingers early Wednesday morning to write, “for the record: i wasnt too busy to work on deadpool.”

Glover also furnished receipts in the form of script pages, posting what appears to be the entire series finale of the animated Deadpool show.


In total, Glover posted 14 pages, which contain references to Ben Carson, bitcoin, Black Panther, rhinos and a scene in an African savannah. Variety previously reported that “it wasn’t believed any scripts had been delivered.”

Also included in the script: references to a Deadpool show being canceled.

“Maybe we were alienating our white audience,” Deadpool asks at one point. “No. We did a whole goat yoga episode,” he reconsiders.


While Glover has had a Twitter account since 2009, these are the only posted tweets on his account, with the sole exception of a pinned tweet about a Feb. 28 performance in New Zealand.

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I don’t think that’s the finale script. I think that’s something he wrote in response to them saying he didn’t have time. He’s referencing Sacramento, Facebook, and the cancellation. All very recent things.