Donald Glover Fans Have Taken Over a Trump Fan Page on Reddit

Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

Donald Trump’s Reddit fans are a bit peeved after someone turned their crusty little subreddit page into a haven for all things Donald Glover—the one true Donald, according to Glover’s fans.

Glover’s fans took over thedonald subreddit page and saturated the page with photos of the newly minted Lando Calrissian.


“The sub has embraced its true purpose, celebrating the best Donald there is. He’s beautiful. He’s talented. He don’t talk soft (that’s that other guy). He’s crass. He says whats on his mind. He rose from practically nothing. The great Don Glover. Amen,” one Reddit user wrote

Of course not everyone is happy about the takeover; there were those who called the new arrivals “libartards” and “snowflakes,” and hoped that the original mod returned.


“The single mod has basically abandoned this sub, I doubt he’ll ever be back to do any actual moderating,” one Redditor said. “I’m just hoping he’s inactive for another 40 days (he’s been inactive for 20 so far) so we can request a subreddit takeover, but that will likely not happen.”

Welcome to Reddit, one of the weirdest places on the internet, second to Kinja, of course.

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