Don’t Tell Your Cousins: Auditions Are Open for Netflix Rap Competition Show With Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I.

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Netflix’s first original competition show, Rhythm + Flow, has a star-studded lineup on board as we move closer to its 10-part fall 2019 debut.


The show, a rap-focused talent competition executive produced by John Legend, is one of several projects rapper and cartoon aficionado Chance the Rapper is currently associated with (no word yet on Tommy Pickles joining as a guest judge.)

Cardi B will also be judging. Honestly, if Paula Abdul can judge a singing competition, Cardi can judge a rapping one. Fight me. I daresay she’ll be way more entertaining than Paula. Given her huge personality and reality TV pedigree, Cardi B is a soundbite queen with a fun personality. Hopefully, she’ll have a little of everything to say—like she always does—except I really don’t want it to veer into Nicki territory, not because I’m against the beef, but because the jabs-to-actual-music-ratio coming out of it is depressingly low.

Fellow reality TV veteran T.I. is also on board, which means that any mediocre white woman with strange blaccents could have a real shot should Netflix go out of its way to make the show, ah, diverse. Good for him, though, for continuing the legacy of The White Rapper Show before he was even doing this talent search. Hallelujah, holla back!

And I’m sure we’ll be treated to a splendiferous litany of novel expressions in the amorphous form of T.I.’s eloquent and affluent elocutions. I can already imagine the catchphrases. Don’t be egregious, now, kids!

I’m talking cash shit right now, but this is actually a very interesting lineup and I’ll definitely be watching.


Oh, by the way, auditions are open, in case your uncle with the bars is finding your Thanksgiving table too small a venue these days. From Deadline:

Auditions will begin this fall across the country, including the judges’ hometowns of Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. In each audition city, established rappers who hail from that city will serve as guest judges.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, “additional artists and industry personalities will be announced in the run-up to the premiere.”

Wait. “Run-up.” “Industry.” “Personalities.”

Is Nicki going to be a guest judge?!

… Nah, probably not. But wouldn’t that be fun?

It’ll be interesting to see what Netflix has in store.

Natalie Degraffinried is a senior editor for Kotaku.


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