Don Lemon Tells Bill Cosby Accuser: ‘There Are Ways Not to Perform Oral Sex’

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Updated Wed., Nov. 19, 2014, 3:15 p.m. EST: During a 2 p.m. EST CNN broadcast, Don Lemon issued an apology for his rape comments: “As a victim myself, I would never want to suggest that any victim could have prevented a rape,” Lemon said, according to Mediaite. “If my question struck anyone as insensitive, I’m sorry, as that was not my intention.”



In this week’s “What in the World Was Don Lemon Thinking?” news, the CNN anchor went all the way left during an interview with one of the women accusing Bill Cosby of rape.

Joan Tarshis alleges that she was sexually assaulted by Cosby when she was 19 years old in 1969. Tarshis joined Lemon on CNN Tonight to discuss those claims but instead received rape-prevention advice from Lemon.

Tarshis explained to Lemon that she informed Cosby that she had a sexually transmitted disease and if he went through with having vaginal sex with her, he could infect himself. It was then, Tarshis says, that Cosby made her have oral sex with him.

“You know, there are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn’t want to do it,” Lemon advised Tarshis during the interview.

While most of the world was watching and going “WTF,” Tarshis stoically answered his question.


“I was kind of stoned at the time, and quite honestly, that didn’t even enter my mind,” Tarshis answered. “Now I wish it would have.”

“Right. Meaning the using of the teeth, right?” Lemon pushed.

So basically we have Lemon, talking to a woman who claims to have been raped, telling this woman she should have used her teeth! How this man still has a job is beyond me.


In typical fashion, Lemon was once again the butt of jokes on Twitter when the hashtag #DonLemonReporting was revived once again. This has to be the 100th time this hashtag has been used.


Someone please inform Lemon to never think about giving rape-prevention tips again.