Don Lemon Stroked a Llama on Live TV

Don Lemon and his llama
YouTube screenshot        

Last night the world was a stage for a bunch of llamas running wild in Arizona. Yes, you read that correctly. Llamas. The Bonnie and Clyde of llamas had everyone’s attention as the duo was chased down the streets of Sun City.

Eventually officers apprehended the llamas and everything was right with the world, until CNN decided, “Hey, why not let Don Lemon interview a llama on air?”


In what will probably go down as his finest moment in journalism, Lemon interviewed Pierre the Llama. During the interview, Lemon asked if he could change Pierre’s name to “Lorenzo Llamas.”

The llama did not respond. As a matter of fact, he let Lemon do all the talking. Don Lemon, llama whisperer. 

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