Yasmin Eleby
Black Art In America

Some women have a lot of goals throughout their lives. Maybe they want to spend time climbing the career ladder and not worry about finding the “one” or even having kids, for that matter. There are others who make finding a husband their top priority and will even set a time frame for that. And that’s just what 40-year-old Houstonian Yasmin Eleby did.

Eleby gave herself until she was 40 years old as the cutoff time for finding a husband. And when that failed, she did what any reasonable and rational (sarcasm) woman would do: She married her damn self and has gone viral in the process.


According to Black Art in America, Eleby gave herself the wedding a woman could only dream of—well, minus the husband or wife. Eleby was dressed in a purple gown with a tiara perched on her head. Her bridesmaids were her sisters, and her mother gave her away—to herself, I guess? Since she can’t legally marry herself, the ceremony was a spiritual one, conducted by another sister who’s a minister.

So here’s the thing.

In all things fate, what if Eleby wasn’t supposed to meet her husband by the time she turned 40? What if, when she hits age 41, Mr. Right (or Right Now) walks into her life and sweeps her off her feet? Will she now divorce herself? Is that even a thing? Technically, it could be, since she obviously made up this whole marrying-yourself thing.

In this grandiose (and expensive) show of self-love, what’s the exact takeaway? Will women and men across the country now run off and marry themselves because they can’t find the one? If, by chance, I’m not married at the age of 40—and for the record, it’s something that’s not even of importance to me—I’m going to be cool with that and still love myself without having to don a tiara and have a fake wedding. But to each her own. Wonder what the honeymoon was like.

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