Does the Most Insecure President Ever Watch Insecure?

U.S. President Donald Trump shushes journalists before signing the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act June 05, 2020 in Washington, DC. ; Issa Rae in Ep. 409 of Insecure, “Lowkey Trying”
U.S. President Donald Trump shushes journalists before signing the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act June 05, 2020 in Washington, DC. ; Issa Rae in Ep. 409 of Insecure, “Lowkey Trying”
Photo: Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images), Merie W. Wallace (HBO)

Before I became an entertainment writer at The Root, I wrote general news for another publication. Writing anything outside of the entertainment beat wasn’t my favorite thing to do, but it was the job. Now that I’m here, I often revel in the fact that it’s not really likely I’ll ever have to write about President Traffic Cone unless a celebrity (usually Kanye) was involved with him. Even then, I never really had to write about him or his anus-shaped face-hole in any extensive way. Our very own Senior Editor and Trump Whisperer Stephen A. Crockett Jr. is that guy. There is no one who writes Trump coverage like that guy. I am not that guy (or girl or them).

But, then a plot twist happened—2020 entered the picture and reminded me that anything and everything is possible.

Writer’s Note: This article contains high-key spoilers from Insecure Ep. 409, “Lowkey Trying.” 


After settling into the realization that Issa Dee (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) may have truly ended their friendship for good, we realized another thing—Donald Trump may be watching Insecure from his bunker.

Girl, what?! Right.

Shortly after the credits rolled and we all engaged in our regularly scheduled programming of assessing what just went down on the HBO half-hour hit, the following screenshot hit our respective timelines:

What is the tether of being the only person Beyoncé retweeted? Being the only person Donald Trump liked on Twitter. You can “congratulate” @shiningheaux for the latter.

Like anything that involves the Bloviating Bloated Bully, this particular action warranted many side-eyes throughout Twitter, particularly the fact that the aforementioned account had only 40 followers and there were year-long gaps between their tweeting activity. Simply put, everyone’s bot alert started blaring.


Plus, if you look at the account, the avatar is of NeNe Leakes (and her most well-known meme), the banner is of MLK and their bio says, “rooting for everybody black.” Mmmm, OK. We’ve already extensively covered the existence of bots when it comes to the election and the Trump administration itself, so this theory is not at all far-fetched.

Alas, @shiningheaux is thrilled about the news, apparently, using the opportunity to advocate for Black Lives Matter.


Still, while I am still thoroughly confused at this happenstance, I can’t help but wonder what Awkward White Orange thinks of some of the most popular Insecure takes from this season. I know one thing, he probably cites this TV show as proof that he is the reason why unemployment for “blacks” is down.


Issa Hive or Lawrence Hive?

There is only one hive that a narcissist like Trump is a part of and that’s Trump Hive. He’ll probably lean more toward Lawrence Hive only if Best Buy donates to his campaign.


Issa or Molly?

Despite everyone in her life (her friend, her boyfriend and her therapist) giving her the same damn advice, Molly chooses to ignore it and lashes out at those who try to ease her in the right direction. That is pretty damn Trump-esque. Though, I kind of want to move on from this topic because all I can picture is Trump yelling out explosively racist things about Andrew aka Asian Bae (Alexander Hodge) to the television. I do want to point out that in the case of Molly vs. Andrew’s brother, he’d totally side with the latter.


What About Condola?

Does Trump call her fun names like Condolences or Continent? He probably calls her Condominium, given his real estate background. Actually, no, he doesn’t have the right or the privilege to join in on our reindeer games. Nope.


Overall, I’m picturing Trump scrambling to add the playlist for each episode just so he can counter Obama’s yearly playlist.


I guess we’ll see Trump next week at the Season 4 finale rooting for either Nathan or Lawrence? I know one thing, this season of 2020 needs to lowkey chill.

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Nah, Dan Scavino is trolling Issa Rae. Trump can’t spell.