Do We Really Need a Tape of Donald Trump Saying the N-Word to Realize He's Racist?

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

Over the last week, much has been said about Donald Trump's p—sygate and the leaked tapes of him talking about how he sexually assaults women. It was then that many of his GOP comrades disavowed him, and they have been distancing themselves from his toxicity.

Who knew it would only take the talk of p—sy—well, a white woman's p—sy—for people to finally realize what a douchebag Trump actually is. But now there's talk of tapes that include Trump saying the n-word. Finally we'll all get to see how racist Trump really is. Well, “finally” if you've only been living under a rock for the last several decades.


Does it really matter that Trump could be on tape saying the word? Don't we have enough proof that Trump is racist?

Hell, he's still going after the Central Park Five. Isn't his Islamophobia and wall building enough proof? And come on—Trump saw nothing wrong when Don King used the word during a recent speech. I imagine there's tons of footage of Trump saying racist s—t. And guess what? It's all from this election cycle. Not just from years ago.

So now it's a guessing game as to the scenarios during which the alleged n-word was thrown around. Was it directed at one of the black cast members on The Apprentice? Imagine if it was directed toward his African American Omarosa, who has been right by his side during his campaign. Or maybe it was directed toward his famous African American Russell Simmons, who only recently realized that his dear friend was a white supremacist.

If there are tapes of Trump using the n-word, will Ben Carson finally remove his balls from his mouth? Will his handful of African Americans stop supporting him? Will the black pastors return his blood money (because we all know there was a little extra left in their collection plates)? I'm going to go out on a limb and say "Probably not."


What these alleged tapes will only prove is what we've already known: Trump isn't fit to be president. We don't need tapes to figure that out. His racism and misogyny have been on display forever. It's what's been fueling his run for president. It's what gets his supporters riled up. It's what he lives for.

So to the people with these tapes at their disposal, you've been holding on to them for quite some time. If they were released early on, you could have saved us from his destruction a long time ago. But you failed. You had one job. An easy job. Now this racist fool has a chance at the biggest job in the world. In the words of Trump, "You're fired."

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