DJ Khaled Is Said to Be Planning to Make a Run on Billboard’s Pockets Over No. 1 Spot Spat

DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled
Photo: Craig Barritt (Getty Images for MTV)

Apparently, when DJ Khaled intones, “We the best!” he means it, and anyone saying otherwise may be in for a fight—a legal fight, that is.


According to Page Six, the Miami-based deejay is set to sue Billboard over its recent decision to deny him the No. 1 spot on its Billboard 200 albums chart for Father of Asahd, instead finding that Tyler the Creator’s IGOR came in No. 1.

Billboard apparently came to its decision after it disqualified many of Father of Asahd’s sales because they were part of the album being bundled with other merchandise in deals Billboard deemed “invalid,” Pitchfork reports.


IGOR was similarly sold as part of merchandise bundles, but Billboard ruled those deals “valid,” according to Pitchfork, which explains, citing the New York Times:

Merchandise bundles have lately been helpful in rocketing albums to the top of the Billboard 200. According to the Times, every album sold (even when included with other merchandise) is worth approximately 1,400 times more than an individual stream. Tyler’s IGOR, for example, was boosted by bundled sales of clothing, buttons, and “VOTE IGOR” lawn signs. Billboard considered Tyler’s merch bundles valid.

DJ Khaled’s album was sold in bundles with his energy drink package, which apparently was initially OK with Billboard—until it wasn’t, according to Page Six.

Khaled is furious about the change, which disqualified some 100,000 of his sales. Now, as Page Six reports, his lawyers have communicated his discontent with Billboard’s head of charts and data development, and the result could be a “monster lawsuit.”


Stay tuned...

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I mean...who really cares that much? Who the fuck is still even checking billboard? Enjoy the sales from your (most likely) mediocre album and leave the rest of us alone lol.