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DJ Khaled Doesn’t Eat the Box but Expects Oral Sex From Wife Because He’s the King

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Photo: Christopher Polk (Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

I’m pretty sure you woke up this morning asking yourself, “I wonder if DJ Khaled likes performing oral sex?” You didn’t? Well, too bad, because today I’m here to tell you that he doesn’t. Happy Friday!


Imagine being married to DJ Klaled and having to deal with him screaming, “DJ Khaledddddddd”around the house all day and dropping his “keys,” and then not being able to have dude perform a simple act of cunnilingus. And do you want to know why DJ Khaled doesn’t? For all the dumb reasons, of course. Just take a listen to this Flashback Friday clip that resurfaced on social media from an interview he did with The Breakfast Club a while back:


What a hot-ass mess this man is and his “different rules” for men. The only thing Khaled is the king of is screaming on tracks. I can name a few things he should stop eating, but then I’d be blamed for body-shaming.

Dear DJ Khaled’s wife:

How do you deal?

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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What a fool.

And since I know someone’s gonna make a bigoted anti-Muslim comment (most Americans haven’t met a Muslim and he’s the only one they know of), let me stop you right there and say Islam encourages men to kiss their wives in, um, those places. (It also says not to drink alcohol but this guy owns a vodka brand, so don’t take him as an example of your average Muslim)