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Conservative commentator and author Dinesh D’Souza is at it again on social media. Just last month D’Souza had the audacity to compare himself to Martin Luther King Jr. by tweeting “AN INTERESTING PARALLEL: MLK was targeted by J. Edgar Hoover, an unsavory character; I was targeted by the equally unsavory B. Hussein Obama.”

And the Internet collectively laughed in his face.

Now, on the heels of BuzzFeed’s popular video showing the president joking around with a selfie stick and making fun of himself, D’Souza is once again showing not only his lack of a sense of humor but also his inherent hatred of the president.


And of course the Internet handed D’Souza his own ass, again:

D’Souza then attempted to backtrack and say that he “technically” wasn’t calling President Obama ghetto:

What’s really unbecoming is the fact that D’Souza, on a daily basis, can’t seem to keep the president’s name out of his mouth and off his Twitter feed. But once again, he’s the one who looks foolish.

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