Richy Huck’s Drake tattoo
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Last week Drake pulled a Beyoncé and released new music without any promotion. Although the album didn’t chart as well as Beyoncé’s, If Youre Reading This Its Too Late (yes, he did not use apostrophes) was still a hit among Drake’s die-hard fans.

Including Richy Huck, who decided to permanently show how much of a Drake fan he is by tattooing the album’s name on the back of his neck.


The tattoo was done in the United Kingdom by tattoo artist Mike Bage. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Bage said it was Huck’s idea to get the tattoo—an idea he did not talk him out of because the customer is always right.

“Richy is a big fan of Drake, and since the popularity of his Miley Cyrus tattoo, he thought this one would be a cool idea and would get people talking,” Bage said. “He's got some strange tattoos already anyway: a lady riding a sausage-dog, a love heart with the word ‘tits’ in, Miley Cyrus in the bath, a dog with boobs for eyes, etc., so this one didn’t seem that weird. He said his parents have taken it well—his dad ‘just shook his head and got over it.’”

As a highly tattooed person myself, I guess I can’t fault Huck for showing his appreciation of Drake. Maybe I’ll ask my tattoo artist to design a Songs in the Key of Life tattoo. At least I know Stevie Wonder is a timeless musician. I’m not sure if my grandchildren will be singing Drake songs in 30 years. 

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