Diddy and Education Mogul Dr. Steve Perry Opening Charter School in the Bronx

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Diddy and educational speaker Dr. Steve Perry announced on Thursday that they are opening their latest charter school, Capital Prep Bronx, which aims to provide “historically disadvantaged” students with a standout curriculum, in order to prepare them with “college and career readiness skills.” This will be the third school opening up through the Capital Preparatory network; Capital Prep Harbor is located in Bridgeport, Conn., and there is a location in Harlem as well.


The fall semester at Capital Prep Bronx is set to begin on September 8, and in order to comply with proper social distancing protocols, students will reportedly be learning remotely. Per Page Six, there will be nearly 200 sixth and seventh-grade students enrolled at Capital Prep Bronx. According to CPB’s website, “The school will grow to serve 600 students in 6th-11th grade during an initial five-year term, and 12th grade in its 6th year. In all schools, students are admitted to the schools by random lottery in order to ensure equal access to all students regardless of socioeconomic status or academic history.”

In a statement obtained by Complex, Diddy says that Capital Prep students are not only learning math and reading, as the school is focused on “grooming future leaders that will change their communities and the world.”


“We couldn’t be more excited to open our next school together in Co-Op city, a community rooted in social justice and diversity,” Perry said in the press release. “While opening up remote at first is bittersweet, we have developed a best in class approach to online learning we are excited to implement with our new families. The Capital Prep college prep model is perfectly poised to transition into the digital space and we are excited to deliver a rigorous education to this inaugural class of scholars.”

Diddy isn’t the only music mogul who is working on shaping a better future for our students. Jay-Z’s Roc Nation announced that they’d be partnering with Brooklyn’s Long Island University to launch the School of Music, Sports and Entertainment. The school will begin enrolling students in fall 2021, and will offer “undergraduate degrees in music, music technology, entrepreneurship and production, and sports management.”

The school will also offer Roc Nation Hope Scholarships to 25 percent of freshmen enrolled in the program, and those selected to receive the scholarship will graduate debt-free.

Pronounced "Jay-nuh."

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No. Another charter school is not the answer. There are already, in cities across the country, existing infrastructures of schools in place that are in dire need of support. Opening up these charter schools does nothing to help them. Instead of building from the ground up, what if people like Diddy used his financial and political capital to try and get schools that are already in place in better shape? So many schools need more than what they get thanks to bloated cop budgets and taxpayers not giving a damn about education spending. Underpaid teachers, old/non-existent computers, older textbooks, HVAC issues galore... it isn’t supposed to be like this. Don’t open one charter school, help several existing schools and encourage other entertainers, athletes, etc. to do the same.

Slightly off-topic but I’ve always wanted to see a commitment from athletes to band together and force their owners to commit to something where any city with a professional NFL/NBA/MLB team, for example, should kick in a percentage to ensure that city’s schools are top-notch; talking any and everything they need. How can you justify what sports franchises spend and earn in the same city kids can’t get heat in the wintertime or a school lunch?