Did RHOA’s Peter Thomas Get His Arse Whupped by Kenya’s Ex? You Be the Judge

Raymond Boyd/Getty Images
Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Peter Thomas of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame, admittedly a bit long in the tooth, didn’t let young buck Matt Jordan totally kill him during a physical dispute back in March.


A recently released video, taken during a radio interview in Charlotte, N.C., opens with a woman holding Jordan back and Kenya Moore’s handsy ex saying, “I’m not going to argue with this bitch-ass nigga while I’m trying to talk … ”

The station employee, who was clearly trying to calm dude down, keeps saying, “Just talk to me.”

After being called lots of “bitches,” Thomas, who was sitting down in the studio, mumbles something about “You’ll see me,” after which Jordan throws a water bottle at him. Seconds later, Jordan jumps over a chair and gets to wrastlin’.

Next, there is a lot of rag doll ringing (Thomas being the doll), and the brave woman in the studio continually screams, “Are you serious? Are you fucking serious? Stop it! Stop it!”

Thomas said previously that he’d held his own in the studio, and I would agree that he did OK. But I’m not sure he could have held the big muscle-necked maniac off for much longer if blows had been thrown.


TMZ, which posted the “leaked” video, reports that Thomas is pressing assault charges.

In better news for Thomas, word on the street is that Bravo is giving him his very own reality TV show about his North Carolina restaurant, Bar One.

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Oh my lard, Peter is getting a show? Stink-tastic.