Did Beyoncé Drop More 'Becky' Hints in L.A.?

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At her most recent OTR II tour stop in Los Angeles, Beyoncé offered some very juicy ad-libs while singing her go-off anthem, “Resentment”—leaving fans and internet detectives updating their “Becky with the Good Hair” theories.


During the song, Beyoncé switched up the lyrics, subbing out “like I couldn’t do it for you / like your mistress could” with “like I couldn’t do it for you / like that desperate, mediocre white bitch could.”

Pearls, clutched. Wig, departed.

Ever since Beyoncé dropped Lemonade in 2016, an album that confronts infidelity and its lingering aftermath, the Bey Hive (and really, anybody who enjoys sticking their nose in other people’s business) have speculated as to who Jay-Z’s mistress could be. The biggest clue was in Beyoncé’s song, “Sorry,” in which she tells her husband “Better call Becky with the good hair.”

The description was a bit confusing: Becky, of course, is often used to reference a white woman, but “good hair” is typically a descriptor used for women of color. Early theories landed on designer Rachel Roy and singer Rita Ora (aka “Rita WhoWhatNow?”)—both of whom denied being “Becky.” Some Bey Hive members even singled out her royal Goop-iness, Gwyneth Paltrow (a longtime friend of the Carters and a living personification of Beckydom).

So is this latest ad-lib confirmation that Beyoncé maintains a lot of resentment toward a specific mediocre white bitch? Or was Beyoncé just giving the people the Becky drama they want? Was Becky in the audience in Los Angeles? What eyeshadow was Beyoncé wearing? Is she just playing with all our emotions with her dark Illuminati magic? Because if so, it’s working.

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I’m certain that “Becky” is actually a representation of many mistresses. There’s no way that Jay cheated with just one woman.