Did a Taylor Swift Script Dead Donald Glover’s Deadpool?

Taylor Swift performing in New York City on Dec. 8, 2017
Taylor Swift performing in New York City on Dec. 8, 2017
Photo: Dia Dipasupil (Getty Images)

If Tyler Perry was able to get his Boondock’s episode scrubbed from every crack of the interwebs, it is entirely plausible that the whitest of all white womanhood, Taylor Swift, would be just the girl to dead Donald Glover’s Deadpool.

Stephen Glover, Donald’s brother and creative partner, all but confirmed it.

Earlier this week, after FX and Marvel nixed the show over “creative differences,” Donald, not content to go out like a good and grateful darkie, released a brilliant mock Deadpool script. In it, he wrote that a Swift-based episode might have just been the thing that made the suits pull the plug—it was just all those black writers just being too damn black with their nonwhite gazes and curry chicken lunches.


The next day, Stephen confirmed that a Taylor Swift Deadpool script actually existed and that it just might have been the milky straw that broke the show’s back.

“There really was a Taylor Swift episode,” Stephen wrote in a since-deleted tweet, according to The Wrap. “It was HILARIOUS. And it definitely was the last straw lol.”

Meanwhile, FX and Marvel maintain that the parting was due to “creative differences”—but that’s Hollywood speak for anything from an actor’s drug problem to money, to even the clutch-my-pearls protection of white womanhood.


The truth always comes out, right, ’Ye?


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Ms. Bronner Helm is the Senior Editorial Director at Colorlines. Mouthy Black Girl. Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Fellow. Shea Butter Feminist. Virgo Sun, Aries Moon.

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Mercenary Chef

One of the things I’ve loved about Deadpool, since the first comic I picked up, was that nothing was sacred. Everything could and would be joked about.

So, my message to you, Marvel, FX, is simple.: Fuck you. You’ve allowed anyone and everyone else to get their grubby little hands on Wade’s likeness, even a guy that drew him in Nazi garb for the sake of jokes. But a few Swiftie jabs have you running for cover? Fuck right the fuck off with that shit.

And for God’s sake, if you’re going to try and protect the ‘virtue of white womanhood’, at least make sure there’s some virtue left in the woman.