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It was Diana Ross’ time to shine at Sunday night’s American Music Awards. If you were able to suffer through the numerous performances of people you’ve probably never heard of, and that atrocious Whitney Houston tribute by Christina Aguilera, then you were treated to Motown’s finest and her grandchildren.

Ross was presented with the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award and performed some of her biggest hits. But, of course, there’s always that one child who can manage to steal the show, and that was Rhonda Ross Kendrick’s son, Raif-Henok, with the magnificent hair.


Here’s Diana Ross’ performance:

And here’s a closer look at her grandson’s performance:

Raif-Henok, at the tender age 0f 8, has mastered five languages, is currently being homeschooled and is possibly the reincarnation of Michael Jackson.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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