Derrick Ward Had an Issue With Michael Sam Kissing His Boyfriend

Then-New York Giants running back Derrick Ward on the sidelines during the Houston Texans v.s New York Giants game Nov. 5, 2006, at Giants Stadium.
Tom Berg/NFLPhotoLibrary

Derrick Ward, a former running back for several NFL teams, including the New York Giants, wasn’t pleased when he saw Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend on live television over the weekend after he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams.

Ward, who has a Super Bowl ring under his belt, watched the events unfold and tweeted his reactions:

Although Ward tried to defend his statements by saying “gay or not,” he then went into a diatribe and referenced the Bible:

One has to question whether Ward is now speaking about homosexuality in the Bible or if there’s a verse in the Bible about kissing in general. Maybe I missed something in Bible school about kissing or public displays of affection.


Needless to say, there were people who agreed with Ward’s sentiments and those who didn’t:

As the last person pointed out, there was a lot of kissing going on during the other rounds of the draft, but not one peep from Ward about that. If you’re going to complain about kissing, at least be consistent about it. Don’t just base it on someone’s sexuality that you may not agree with. 

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