Derek Jeter Responds to Claims He Left Underwear Company Because of 50 Cent

Derek Jeter
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for the Players’ Tribune
Derek Jeter
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for the Players’ Tribune

Derek Jeter isn’t too happy about allegations made by Swedish underwear company Frigo that he referred to 50 Cent as “too urban” and refused to work with them.

According to the New York Daily News, Jeter denies saying that 50 Cent was too urban, and says he’s one of the reasons the rapper is working with the company. In a statement Thursday, the former New Yankee Yankee said the accusations were “categorically false.”

“As a major investor, current stockholder and lender to the company, I am disgusted by [company CEO Mathias] Ingvarsson’s decision to make these false allegations against me in the press, instead of attempting to work out our business dispute in private,” he said. “I facilitated the introductory meeting between 50 Cent and the company, so it makes absolutely no sense that I would object to 50 Cent being a Frigo brand ambassador or think that 50 Cent is ‘too urban’ for the brand.”


Frigo filed a $30 million lawsuit against Jeter, claiming that was the amount of money it lost when he severed ties with the company. Jeter said that he was never made aware of any lawsuit and that it’s just a ploy to make money off him.

“[Company CEO Mathias Ingvarsson’s] statements are particularly malicious because he knew all along that I never agreed to be a spokesperson or ambassador for the brand, and that is confirmed in documents that Mr. Ingvarsson himself signed,” Jeter stated.

Jeter has now filed his own suit against the brand.

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