Delonte West during an October 2012 game playing for the Dallas Mavericks
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Last month, Delonte West was photographed roaming a parking lot in clothes and a hospital gown. A “fan” posed for photos with West and posted them to social media, and TMZ grabbed ahold of them. Many assumed that West was strung out on drugs, but according to a friend, that wasn’t the case.

In an interview with TMZ, the friend, whom TMZ did not identify, stated that West had left the treatment center he was in and was hallucinating because he was on the wrong medication. 

“Delonte was at a facility where he received the wrong medication. He began hallucinating. Because of the hallucinations, he walked out of the facility, barefoot, in the hospital gown. He went to go get food. That’s when he was videotaped and photographed,” TMZ’s source said.

Friends, family and West’s former NBA agent stepped up and placed West into a different facility, where he’s now being treated for bipolar disorder, according to TMZ.