Debbie Allen and Alvin Ailey Dancers Visit the White House for Black History Month Event

First lady Michelle Obama greets local students, alongside hip-hop choreographer Fatima Robinson (left) and choreographer and TV producer Debbie Allen during a daylong dance workshop as part of Black History Month celebrations at the White House Feb. 8, 2016, to highlight the contributions African-American women have made to dance.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Fifty-one black dancers graced the White House for a Black History Month celebration Monday.

The Michelle Obama-hosted event included Debbie Allen teaching an African dance class and choreographer Fatima Robinson teaching hip-hop dance in the White House Dip (Diplomatic Reception) Room. Ballet was also taught in the East Room, with an Alvin Ailey instructor teaching in another room.


Allen captured the moment on her social media accounts and posted several videos of the dancers in action.

The first lady shared words of encouragement with the dancers and referred to the fact that one day, being a black principal dancer would not be a headline.

"Looking out at these beautiful, talented young women, I know that we have the power to keep reaching higher and defying the odds, and achieving those firsts, and seconds, and thirds, and hundreds, and thousands until a black principal dancer is no longer a cause for headlines, and our children are limited only by the size of their dreams and their willingness to work for them," Obama stated.

The White House photographers captured photos of the event, and they're absolutely amazing.

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