Dear White People, How You Like Your Grits?

Dear White People - “Great Grits Swap” / Netflix (YouTube)

OK, OK, OK, I have a confession—the headline is a tad misleading as I don’t really care how white people like their grits or whether they know what a grit is. This is really about that Justin Simien show on Netflix. Ha! Gotcha!

Today, June 19, also know as Juneteenth, is the historic day which commemorates the abolition of slavery in Texas as well as the emancipation of enslaved African Americans within the former Confederate States of America. Basically, it was black folks’ Independence Day—because we all know that general shit wasn’t for us.


In honor of Juneteenth, Netflix has announced the launch date for Dear White People’s third season, but that’s not all. To celebrate the return of the hit show, the cast is also engaging in one of black people’s favorite pastimes: The “Great Grits Debate,” which means debating salty (or savory) versus sweet. (Writer’s Note: People who prefer sweet grits were raised left, not right.)

“They compared salty grits to Beyoncé,” Antoinette Robertson (who portrays Coco Conners) says with her patented pageant smile.

Check out the above video as the cast decides to play for the opposite grits team in the “Great Grits Swap.” Team Salt tries sweet, and Team Sweet tries salty. Find out next time on “Wow, Their Job That Day Consisted Of Trying Out Several Bowls Of Grits. They Win At Life.”

Season 3 of Dear White People will premiere on Netflix Friday, August 2.

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Haruhi Croissant

Answer: No. No grits. Ever. I’ll have hash browns instead, thanks. (As a northerner living in the south, i just cant).

But for science, i observe that the most popular grits for the european-inclined are “Cheese grits”, either mixed evenly in or just a piece of american cheese melted on top.