Daycare Workers Fired Over Instagram Posts


(The Root) — Some people in Newport News, Va., seem to have forgotten how easy it is to get fired for things put on the Internet, and now find themselves out of a job.

Two daycare workers were fired after posting pictures to their Instagram accounts mocking the children left in their charge. One posted a picture of a developmentally delayed child with a caps-locked caption reading, "I’m sick of this s—t!" Another was a picture of a toddler spliced next to a picture of the character Mater from the movie Cars, making fun of his teeth.

In addition to posting unauthorized pictures of other people's children online and making fun of them being immoral, it's also against company policy. Juanita Brown, CEO of the daycare center, stated that "unauthorized use of cell phones" in the classroom is against company policy. The company publicly apologized to the families of the offended in addition to terminating the violating employees.


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Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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