David Justice to Halle Berry: You Should’ve Let People Know It Wasn’t Me Who Hit You

David Justice
Jason Merritt/Getty Images
David Justice
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

David Justice is not letting up about the blow he says his reputation took when ex-wife Halle Berry said that one of her former flames hit her.

He kicked up a storm about all of this late last year, and in a recent interview with Inside Edition, he implores Berry to come forth and set the record straight once and for all. He says that all of the speculating she had everyone doing regarding which ex-beau hit her caused his name to be dragged through the mud.

"I'm telling everybody I didn't do it," Justice said. "You know I didn't do it.

"People would say, 'Yeah, I heard it was David Justice,'" he said.

He said he thinks that if she would just come out and, at the very least, admit that it wasn't him, it would make a world of difference in his life.


"If it was me, then say it. Say it," he said. "But she can't say it because she knows it wasn't. So she'd rather not say it and just let you go ahead and believe it."

He said that he thinks Berry should have addressed this issue long ago: "It would've been cool if you had come out a long time ago and let people know it wasn't me. That would've been cool. But you didn't do it."

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