David Justice in 2012
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On the heels of Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez filing for divorce, Berry's first husband, former baseball player David Justice, has used Twitter to clear his name from longtime allegations of abuse.

Justice and Berry married in 1992 but divorced in 1997. During their divorce, rumors surfaced that Justice had cheated on Berry and was also abusive. In a 2007 interview with Parade magazine, Berry said that after her divorce, she attempted suicide.


Justice spoke about his marriage to Berry in People magazine in 1996, during the time of the divorce proceedings. And clearly, the relationship wasn't what he bargained for.

"She wasn't the same person I was with before we got married," Justice stated. "She'd get mad when I watched ESPN. And every time she saw a picture of me with a woman, any woman who might have been standing by my side, she thought I was cheating. She carried a lot of baggage from her previous relationships. She was always suspicious. I've never known a girl who could throw a tantrum like she does."

As for the abuse allegations, Berry once stated that a famous ex-boyfriend caused deafness in an ear after he punched her in it. Throughout the years, many people pointed fingers at Justice, as well as actor Wesley Snipes. But now Justice is doing the finger-pointing regarding why Berry can't stay married and who actually abused her. 

On Monday night he posted a series of tweets warning Martinez about what to expect in his divorce from Berry and in a shady way alluded to who actually caused Berry's hearing loss. 



One thing's for sure: Justice picked a fine time to come out swinging. I guess if you want to clear your name, there's nothing like social media to get the message across. 

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