David Banner: Trump's Election Is a Good Thing for Black Folks

The Root Staff
David Banner in 2015
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David Banner, for one, is not freaking out about the election of Donald Trump as president. In fact, by his reasoning, this may be a good thing for the black community.

The day after the election, the socially conscious MC from the Dirty Dirty posted his thoughts to Facebook. Banner says that he’s never scared, and black folks shouldn’t be, either.


“We’re way too emotional. They want us to be irrational, they want us to fear,” says Banner. “But to be honest with you guys … it didn’t matter which way it went, whether Hillary or Trump.”

He continues by saying the people who have “been doing the work” are not as upset as others.

“This may be the best thing to ever happen to black people, maybe in history, because now there is no excuse,” Banner said. “And I’m starting with me.”

Banner says maybe a more united, conscious and woke black community will emerge. Perhaps we’ll start our own political party.


“I think the veil of America has been ripped off. The fake mask has been ripped off. Maybe Hillary winning would’ve kept that mask on, and we would’ve been further … pacified as people. So for me, now it’s, what are we gonna do as a community? What is the agenda?” he added.

“I see a lot of people asking, ‘Where is our leader?’ You are the leader. Stop looking for somebody else. That’s the problem,” he said. “That’s the reason why we’re in the position that we’re in right now. We’re always looking for somebody else. It’s you; you do it.”


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