Dave Chappelle Apologizes for SNL Monologue Saying Give Trump a Chance

Tyler Kaufman/Getty Images Entertainment
Tyler Kaufman/Getty Images Entertainment

Just days after Donald Trump won the election, Dave Chappelle appeared on Saturday Night Live, and his monologue raised a lot of eyebrows when he ended it by asking people to give Trump a chance. But now it seems that Chappelle has realized the error of his ways.


During a Monday-night stand-up show in New York City, Chappelle apologized for his Trump remarks. “I was the first guy on TV to say ‘Give Trump a chance.’ I fucked up. Sorry,” the stand-up comic told the audience, according to NBC’s Sunday Today host Willie Geist.

During his monologue, Chappelle also mentioned that he suspected that Trump would win.

“I didn’t know that Donald Trump was going to win the election, but I did suspect it. Hillary was doing well in the polls, and yet I know the whites. You guys aren’t as full of surprises as you used to be. And I think I speak for all of black America when I say … we’re all praying for Omarosa.”

Hopefully he’ll also apologize for those last two Netflix specials, too.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).


Hopefully, he’ll also apologize for those last two Netflix specials, too.

Eh, I heard good things. Were they bad?