Darnell Dockett
Darnell Dockett via Instagram

Darnell Dockett knows football, but apparently he doesn’t know Malia Obama’s age. Dockett, who is 33 years old and plays for the Arizona Cardinals, seems to have forgotten that the president’s daughter is only 16.

Yesterday on Instagram, Dockett posted a photo of Malia that is questionable at best. The photo showed the first daughter standing, but the only thing noticeable was her behind. Dockett initially commented on the Instagram post on someone else’s profile with “Omgggg.” He then took it upon himself to repost the photo to his own account, with the comment “Lmfaoooo.”


Dockett, you are a grown-ass man ogling a 16-year-old, who happens to be the president’s daughter. How would you feel if a 30-something man were eyeing your teen daughter? Probably not so great. Although Dockett has since deleted the Instagram post, screenshots live on forever. 

In the words of Chris Hansen, have a seat. Specifically one away from 16-year-olds and social media. 

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