Danny Glover
YouTube Screenshot

Over the last couple of weeks, Danny Glover has been on a mission to draw attention to U.S. postal workers across the country and to raise awareness for the American Postal Workers Union. The cause is dear to Glover because both his parents were postal workers. But during a recent interview, Glover felt disrespected because he was not given enough time to discuss the rising issues that postal workers face.

During a TV interview with San Francisco affiliate KTVU, reporter Terri Campbell didn’t give Glover enough time, and clearly he was pissed. What started out as a friendly interaction quickly went all the way left.

“You made me smile when you said I come from a family of postal employees,” Glover stated in the beginning.

As Glover was telling his story about his family, 30 seconds into it, Campbell cut him off.

“All right, Mr. Glover, we’re almost out of time,” Campbell told Glover.

And that’s when a look of shock and dismay came over Glover’s face.

“Well, you should’ve given me more time, that’s the first thing. Why don’t you go on? If you don’t have enough time, don’t bother!” he retorted.


“Just don't give me two minutes. I’m from San Francisco and Oakland; that’s the least you could have done is given me more time. I’m not somebody who’s moved to the wayside,” he added.

And you know what, Glover has a point.

“I think it’s something important for the public to know. They are the losers in this process, and in a democracy their voices have to be heard in this,” were the last words Glover was able to sneak in before the station cut the interview completely.


No thank-yous. No goodbyes. I’m pretty sure Glover won’t make any other appearances on KTVU.