Danny Glover

Actor Danny Glover’s latest project will tackle the subject of Ebola in Nigeria and also shed light on Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, who diagnosed the first case of the disease in the country.

During a recent press conference in Nigeria, Glover and fellow actors Tim Reid and Bimbo Akintola discussed the importance of the movie 93 Days and how Adadevoh made an impact on the country. Akintola will portray Adadevoh, who subsequently died from Ebola, while Glover will portray the hospital’s medical director.

‚ÄúNigerians acted as one. There was nothing about you being from [a] different ethnicity or different political party; it was about Nigerians just standing up and doing this incredible thing for Nigeria,‚Ä̬†Akintola said during the press conference.

‚ÄúThe doctors at First Consult [hospital] didn‚Äôt ask for an Ebola patient. They weren‚Äôt expecting it. But they stood up to the plate when it turned out the patient had Ebola. No one [ran] away. That is courage in the face of death,‚Ä̬†Akintola continued.

Because of Adadevoh’s actions, including not discharging a man diagnosed with Ebola, the country was fortunate enough to stop the spread of the disease. Akintola hopes that the movie will shed even more light on the doctor’s efforts.