D.L. Hughley to Donald Trump: ‘F--k You Now and F--k You Forever’

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Comedian D.L. Hughley is letting President-elect Donald Trump know how he really feels in a Facebook Live video posted to his page Friday night.


Hughley basically pulled a post-Katrina Kanye and said that Trump doesn’t care about black people. From the nomination of Alabama good ol’ boy Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to his racist Birtherism conspiracy to his love affair with discriminatory stop-and-frisk policing policies, Hughley explained exactly why Trump’s posing with “black friends” means absolutely nothing.


Hughley’s fellow King of Comedy, Steve Harvey, is clearly—and deservedly—on Hughley’s “No Fucks Left to Give” list.

As previously reported by The Root, Harvey bonded with Trump during a visit to Trump Tower on Friday—and spent the rest of the day defending the decision.

“Our president [Obama] asked that all of us sit down and talk to one another in order to move our country forward,” Harvey wrote. “The transition teams on both sides asked me to meet and I’m glad I did.

“I found him in our meeting both congenial and sincere,” Harvey continued. “Trump wants to help with the situations in the inner cities so he immediately got Dr. Ben Carson on the phone to put us together to begin dialog in looking at programs and housing to help our inner cities and he’s very open to my mentoring efforts across the country.”


And Hughley went in.

Having a comedian and a rapper and a football player [Harvey, Ray Lewis, Jim Brown and Kanye West] out to talk about the concerns of the community ... you know why you have a comedian, a rapper and a football player ... ? Because that’s the positions you’re used to seeing us in. You would rather see a football player, a rapper and a comedian ... you’d rather have black people be football players, comedians and rappers than the president. You’d rather see us run the ball than run the country. That’s why you do it.


Hughley then brought it on home and said what so many people in the United States feel about former slumlord Donald Trump:

I ain’t gon’ never forget what you said about [President Obama] and how you got where you are. Some people might, but I never will. I’ll never forget how you denigrated his family. I’ll never forget how you stoked fears. Fuck you now and fuck you forever.


Salute to you, D.L.

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“so he immediately got Dr. Ben Carson on the phone”