Cue the Dog Pound Fist Pump: Netflix Sets Premiere Date for Arsenio Hall Standup Special

Arsenio Hall presents an award on stage during CMT Artists of the Year 2016 on October 19, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Arsenio Hall presents an award on stage during CMT Artists of the Year 2016 on October 19, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Photo: Rick Diamond (Getty Images for CMT)

Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo! Get those fists in the air, dog pound, because Arsenio Hall is back!


Netflix continues to fill up their comedy bag and has set a premiere date for Hall’s upcoming standup comedy special, Smart & Classy. The special will debut on the popular streaming platform on Oct. 29.

According to Variety, “Hall will talk about drugs, his appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice and performing comedy in today’s political climate” during the special. The Celebrity Apprentice, huh? There will be Trump snark, right? Probably.


Much like Eddie Murphy, this year and next will be a comeback moment for Hall; he will be starring alongside Murphy in the much-anticipated Coming 2 America, in fact. And Hall memorably did try to revive his popular syndicated talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show (which originally aired from 1989-1996), attempting to rebirth it in the new millennium.

“I’ve prepared for every scenario,” Arsenio said as he geared up for his talk show’s comeback in 2013. “If I fail and I’m canceled on Tuesday, I will tell America it was a special.” Unfortunately, his show was canceled in its first season in 2014.

However, this comeback attempt may be different, as timing may be on Hall’s side. Netflix is providing a cornucopia of comedic content—they have a whole campaign strictly dedicated to comedy!


As Arsenio says, “there’s nothing more important than laughter.” Get your laugh on. Remember, Oct. 29 is the date!

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IIIIIiii dunnnn nooo....what ‘Senio thinks is coming off as earnest humility has always seemed coonish and thirsty. His first show was good because it was the only place to see Black celebrities (and Bill Clinton) being more relaxed (drunk and high), real and unguarded. Plus, the Black Pack of the ‘90's (Eddie Murphy, Johnny Gill, Whitney and the Winans, BellBivDevoe) all seemed to know each other and pop in. But his interviews were pandering, fawning and obsequious (remember him falling over laughing, barely able to breathe over EVERYthing?!). We were thirsty to see our peeps so we tolerated him.

But now with so many other outlets, and our more sophisticated consumption, how’s his style of bugging his eyes, leaning in for every word and raucously laughing going to play THESE days?! And who’s he gonna do that with that won’t look at him like he’s crazy? Kodak Black? Kanye?

Personally, I think his moment has passed. He should be behind the scenes producing or something.