Court Rules That Sherri Shepherd Must Pay Child Support for Surrogate Son

Sherri Shepherd
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Paul Drish
Sherri Shepherd
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Paul Drish

A Pennsylvania judge has ordered Sherri Shepherd to pay $4,100 a month in child support to the child born via a surrogate for Shepherd and her now ex-husband. Shepherd and her ex-husband had found the surrogate together, but before the baby was born, the couple was already in the process of getting a divorce.

“I’m glad it’s finally over,” Shepherd’s ex Lamar Sally told People. “I’m glad the judges saw through all the lies that she put out there, and the negative media attention. If she won’t be there for L.J. emotionally, I’ll be parent enough for the both of us.”

Shepherd has not commented about the recent ruling, but last August she explained why she went through with the surrogacy. She explained that she was worried Sally would end the marriage if she didn’t.


“My situation was a sense of, I didn’t state what I needed and what I wanted and what I didn’t want for being scared of somebody leaving the relationship,” Shepherd said. “There are consequences to everything, but I was scared to say, ‘That’s not going to work for me. I don’t want that.’”

In terms of the judge’s order, Shepherd is responsible for the child support payments, and they will increase to $4,600 when the child turns 13.

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