Jason Aldean (second from left) and friends

It never fails. No matter how many times you say blackface is wrong and shouldn't be done, there are always those people who want to play dumb and do it anyways. Such is the case with country singer Jason Aldean.

Late last week, a photo was posted on NashvilleGab.com, and it showed Aldean in long dreadlocks and blackface. And according to his representative, Tyne Parrish, yes, he indeed was going as Lil Wayne


Surely there are creative ways of dressing as Lil Wayne besides adding blackface? I guess Aldean's creativity only goes as far as his music, which actually isn't that great. So, never mind. Dude isn't creative.


One has to wonder what excuse Aldean will use. Will he say that he has black friends? Or that he phoned a black friend? Or that he's dated black women? Or that he loves Lil Wayne? No doubt he'll come up with something creative.

And before some of you even say it, no, the movie White Girls isn't the same.