Countess Vaughn and Brandy on Moesha
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Former Moesha co-stars Brandy and Countess Vaughn are going to start working on building a friendship, after almost 20 years. Although the two played best friends on TV, their real-life relationship wasn't exactly the same. 

In an interview with Vibe in 1998, Brandy spoke about their tumultuous relationship.


“I think she’s very funny, very talented,” Brandy said. “I just feel like she wants to be in the position I’m in. People tell her, ‘You’re the reason why the show’s successful.’ And she’s told me that before. And she’s called me a bitch—to my face. She said, ‘I’m the reason why the show is successful, bitch.’ In front of a lot of people. And I looked at her like, ‘Wow.’ I couldn’t say nothing about her because I wasn’t about to. She knows. She wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror and gets disgusted. I don’t.”

And now, nearly 20 years later, Vaughn is attempting to mend fences with the help of social media. In an Instagram post, Vaughn apologized about how she treated Brandy and asked for a do-over.

“At the end of the day I had to learn in [sic] find myself why not be friends when we’re both talented, Why call you names when your [sic] just an amazing person,” Vaughn posted. “I’m proud of you for being you and working to rise to the best you inside of you. You are an amazing being with amazing God-given capacity.”

Nothing on social media goes unnoticed, and Brandy posted a response to Vaughn’s post.


“I would love to start a new friendship with you with new heads on both of our shoulders. It will also be great to work together again. Without you, Moesha would not have lasted as long as it did.”

I guess time truly does heal all wounds and friendships. Now, can we get a reunion show?

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