Gary Owen; Stacey Dash
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One of Dave Chappelle's most infamous skits on Chappelle’s Show involved a racial draft—and it's something a lot of people wish really existed. Over the last two weeks, because of her comments about Black History Month, Stacey Dash's name has been hilariously thrown in as someone black people should trade in the fictitious racial draft.

But trade for whom?

Who's more "woke" than Dash?

Some people seem to think comedian Gary Owen is more woke than Dash. And they're probably right. Owen, who happens to be married to a black woman, has routinely used his comedy as a vehicle to speak about issues black people face. And as a father to black sons, Owen knows firsthand what his sons have to deal with.


With the dubious honor of being traded in the draft for Dash, Owen posted a hilarious Instagram photo, thanking everyone.

"This is my 1st Black History Month since I got traded for Stacey Dash," Owen posted.

And there you have it, folks: the first unofficial winner of the first unofficial racial draft. 

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