Comedian Smokes ‘Crack’ Publicly in San Francisco and Nothing Happens

Marcus Tisdale smoking “crack” in San Francisco
YouTube screenshot    
Marcus Tisdale smoking “crack” in San Francisco
YouTube screenshot    

Dave Chappelle was right. Obviously you can smoke crack in public in San Francisco and no one will blink an eye.  In an old Chappelle routine, the comic joked about seeing people just walking around the California city lighting up their crack pipes. Just minding their business. Enjoying a little midday crack.


And apparently he was right.

Comedian Marcus Tisdale and the YouTube channel Comedy Experiments put Chappelle’s theory to the test. Well, no, he didn’t go out and smoke real crack. That would be crazy, right? Tisdale pretended to smoke crack from a water bottle pipe in downtown San Francisco and captured people, and their nonreactions, on a hidden camera.

As Tisdale assumed, most people just walked by. You have to wonder how many times they’ve seen people smoke crack in broad daylight for it not to faze them anymore.

Cops? You’d think cops would be bothered by a black man smoking crack. Nope. At one point the comedian attempts to get their attention by waving his arms around while standing just feet away from the boys in blue. They didn’t care. And that’s probably a good thing for Tisdale. The only time Tisdale was told to stop smoking his crack was when he wandered into an outdoor concert. 

Either San Francisco residents have seen it all, or they don’t think crack is that wack. 

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