Comedian Jay Mohr Likes the N-Word, Too

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Bill Maher isn’t the only white comedian who thinks it’s funny to throw around the n-word. Just take a look at a few recent tweets from that guy who used to be in movies, Jay Mohr.

Earlier this week, Mohr had some interesting reactions to an old video of rapper Boosie BadAzz talking about the first time he saw two men having sex in prison (NSFW):

Apparently Mohr took issue with people reacting to Boosie’s homophobia instead of his use of the n-word, so he felt he should use it also, of course.


Of course people asked, “WTF are you doing?”


And then there’s this tweet trying to defend Mohr:


So just because Mohr has been affiliated with comedians like Patrice O’Neal, he’s now the brand ambassador for black adjacentness? And if we’re really going to check Mohr’s history, it’s not the first time he’s used the n-word, either. Throughout his career, he periodically threw it around in his standup shows before social media made snitching easier.

Too bad he doesn’t have much of a career left to ruin.

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