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Screenshot: Gary Owen (Facebook)

Comedian Gary Owen is one white person who is proud of his so-called “invitation” to the cookout given to him by some black people who love his “I’m the down white dude” shtick. On a scale from 1 to Michael Rapaport, I would say Owen is about a 7 when it comes to his blaccent and his love for blackness in general.


But Owen and his wife, who is black, may have taken one joke a little too far in his recent beef with comedian Michael Blackson.

Over the last couple of weeks, Blackson and Owen have been clowning each other on Instagram, rife with corny jokes about height and looks.


In Blackson’s rant, he threw around the word “nigga” several times, claimed that Owen lied about him being his opening act and said Owen smelled like a wet dog. At the end of his rant, Blackson then dared Owen to call him a “nigga.”

And since Owen is never one to back down from a challenge, here he is with his black wife, Kenya Duke:

Instead of calling Blackson a nigga himself, Owen enlisted the help of his wife, who definitely had no problem helping her white king. The crazy thing is, they probably thought this was hilarious and saw nothing wrong with it.


We all know that Owen is corny and know not to expect much from his brand of comedy. But the sad situation is that his wife, a black woman, thought this was a genius idea. Whether it was meant as a joke or not, it proves once again, y’all gotta stop inviting everyone to the damn cookout—including their black wives.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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