Columbus Short's Estranged Wife Has Legal Problems Of Her Own

Tilly Key/Instagram
Tilly Key/Instagram

Columbus Short isn’t the only person in his family with legal issues nowadays. The former Scandal star’s estranged wife Tanee McCall-Short (also known as Tuere in the U.S.) now has her own legal drama to worry about and it involves Short’s friend Tilly Key, a vocalist and singing coach based out of Los Angeles.

In February, Short was attempting to remove items from the home he shared with his wife, when she violently attacked Key, who was there to assist with the move. Short stood by and filmed the attack while it was going on. Key has now filed a battery report against McCall-Short.

According to TMZ, Key is now claiming that she’s received random phone calls and Twitter followers. Key also sent out a warning on Instagram to McCall-Short, after she noticed she favorited a photo:

Stay away from me… I have 2 years to press charges. You already told me "I'm gonna slit your throat, I'm gonna kill you, gonna break your neck" that's enough already. The world is my witness stop following me @taneemcshort and you did tell me screaming in my ear "I'm crazier than you B*tch" so trust I heard you and I'm not underestimating your mental health.


Short still has his own legal issues to deal that include two pending criminal cases, one accusing him of misdemeanor spousal battery and another accusing him of felony battery after a bar brawl last March. Short faces up to four years in prison if convicted. 

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