Columbus Short
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NAACP

Columbus Short is learning that the court system doesn’t like no-shows. On Wednesday Short decided not to show up to a family court hearing pertaining to his separation from Tanee McCall-Short (also known as Tuere in the U.S.). His legal representation also did not appear in court on his behalf.

Since Short was a no-show, the judge put in a judgment for $17,005 in spousal support to his estranged wife. On top of that, according to TMZ, Short also has to fork over $4,542 a month in child support.

Short’s financial obligations don’t end there. The troubled actor also has to cover McCall-Short’s legal bills, which have amounted to $25,000. Although McCall-Short has filed divorce paperwork, Short has yet to respond. 

In a separate legal case, Short is also accused of violating a restraining order that McCall-Short filed, as well as allegedly ransacking her home. Short has yet to appear in court for those issues. 

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