Columbus Short Arrested by Bounty Hunters During Album Release Party

Columbus Short is arrested Aug. 18, 2015.
TMZ video screenshot

It’s been months since we heard anything about Columbus Short, but it looks as though he’s back to his old ways. Tuesday night, during his album release party in Los Angeles, Short was picked up by several bounty hunters.

According to TMZ, there was a warrant out for Short’s arrest stemming from his failure to appear in court for one of his domestic violence cases. A bench warrant was issued, and the bounty hunters knew exactly where to find him.


In the video posted on TMZ, you can see Short telling the bounty hunters how he didn't feel safe. The bounty hunters then informed him that he was considered a flight risk. Apparently the hunters will be paid quite well because they’ll get a piece of his $500,000 bail.

All of this could have been avoided with a simple court appearance.

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