#CivilRightsTwitter Provides a Look at What Might Have Been if Twitter Were Around Back in the Day

Example of #CivilRightsTwitter meme

Some of our greatest leaders in the civil rights movement had major beef. Everyone knows that Martin and Malcolm weren’t bosom buddies. You definitely wouldn’t find Julian Bond and John Lewis having drinks together. But the one thing that didn’t happen back then was having their beefs play out over social media, basically because … of course not … it didn’t even exist … thankfully?

Nowadays, protests, rallies and beefs play out on social media. And the beefs are definitely a low point of it all. But the truth of the matter is, not everyone is always going to get along. Between egos and miscommunication, when you sit back and look at it all, it all seems a bit immature and childish, but of course, black Twitter has a way of making it look quite hilarious.


On Sunday and Monday, the hashtag #CivilRightsTwitter put a spin on Twitter beef by imagining what exactly Martin would have said to Malcolm. Or what Rosa Parks would have tweeted if she could.


But even in the funny, there’s always a bit of truth that’s still relevant today:


With most beefs, people will go their separate ways, and things will eventually blow over until the next time. And black Twitter will always be there to turn a beef into comedy.

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