City Girls' Yung Miami is Here to Coach You to the Hot Girl Summer Championship

ICYMI: Hot girl summer is on and popping.

We’ve passed the Fourth of July holiday, and hot girls are up 100 to 0 at the half. We out here winning, y’all.


Team fuckboi tried to co-opt the hot girl summer in an attempt to put a few measly points on the board, but the hot girls spotted each and every shot attempt and blocked. Try again, fuckbois.


City Girls’ hot-girl head coach Yung Miami has a clear response to sensitive dudes: “Stop being a hoe.”

While it’s looking like summer 2019 is going to be a sure win for the hot girls, The Root caught up with the rapper to ensure that the hot girls secure the win.

“I’m the motherfucking captain of the boat. You not driving me around. And that’s period,” Yung Miami told The Root.

It’s about to be game over. See the entire video above.

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Promiscuous behavior has won. Yikes.

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