Ciara and Family Pose in New Maternity Shoot

Harpers Bazaar via Instagram
Harpers Bazaar via Instagram

Ciara, Russell Wilson and Toddler Future were all smiles in a family maternity photo shoot. Well, technically, we can’t really tell if Wilson is smiling—because you can’t see his head.

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The shoot, which was done for Harper’s Bazaar and shot by Dani Brubaker, definitely doesn’t need to be replicated by us everyday folks. But there’s no doubt someone out there will try. I can’t wait to see the Instagram photos.


In the feature article, Ciara talks about motherhood and the upcoming birth of her new baby.

“I’m just super excited about this time in my life,” she says. “Like, oh my gosh, I can see my son running around, and soon it’s going to be two of these creatures running around! Our hands will be full of nonstop action.”

Ciara also adds how Toddler Future is already talking to the baby.

“‘Hello, baby. How you doing, baby? I love you, baby. OK, talk to you later, baby. Bye, bye.’ Then he’ll kiss me on my belly and put my shirt back down,” Ciara said.


Adult Future rant in 5, 4, 3, 2 ...

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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Gorgeous people having gorgeous babies taking gorgeous maternity shoots. I however looked like I had taken an Andrea (thats my name) suit, stretched it out and put on my body. Kind of like that scene in men in black where that bug puts on that human suit and is just grossly sweating everywhere devouring sugar.