Church Threatens Andrew ‘I’m Not Gay No More’ Caldwell With a Lawsuit

Andrew Caldwell via Facebook
Andrew Caldwell via Facebook

Andrew Caldwell is milking his 15 minutes of fame after going viral with his claim that he was delivered from his gayness. The video, which was recorded at the annual Church of God in Christ convention in St. Louis, has received not only praise but also side eyes from people who don’t exactly believe in the power of prayer as a cure for being gay.


Since his fame skyrocketed, Caldwell has been under scrutiny and has even been called a fraud. He’s received criticism, not only for the video but also for trying to peg himself as an author on his Facebook page.

But now Caldwell is into music. Earlier this week he launched his song “I’m Not Gay No More” on iTunes, and needless to say, it’s quite an interesting remix. With the extra Auto-Tune and beats added, chances are it’ll just end up as someone’s cellphone ringtone. Can you blame the guy for trying to make a buck?

Well, there’s a group of people trying to get their own bucks now, in the form of a potential lawsuit. According to TMZ, the Church of God in Christ is threatening to sue Caldwell because it said the audio from the church service belongs to it. The church wants Caldwell to stop selling the song, even though Caldwell says he holds a copyright to it. 

In addition to having an issue with the music, the church feels that Caldwell is making a mockery of it. In the words of Alanis Morissette, “isn’t that ironic, don’t you think”? Especially since many people felt that the church made a mockery out of Caldwell.

I guess Caldwell took the $100 the pastor gave him and hired him a producer. Next up he’ll need his iTunes earnings for an attorney.