Christina Milian Defends Her Daughter’s ‘Grown’ Afro-Twist Hairstyle

Zendaya, Violet and Christina Milian
Zendaya, Violet and Christina Milian

When people got on Beyoncé for supposedly not doing Blue Ivy’s hair—as those lowly hair critics put it—Queen Bey paid them no dust.

A twist-out is a hairstyle, even if if doesn’t appear that way to some—but I digress.

Christina Milian is a better woman than Beyoncé because she responded to some folk on social media who are saying that her daughter Violet’s Marley-twist hairstyle is too grown for the 5-year-old.


Milian posted a photo of herself; her daughter, Violet; and Zendaya on Instagram. Later, Milian had to update the photo’s caption with a blurb that explains that her daughter’s twists are not attached to her hair in a damaging way.  

“For those of you more concerned with Violet’s hair (understandably cause you just don’t know) her hair isn’t in the twists, it’s another method used where they are tied into her corn rows. The hair isn’t heavy,” Milian wrote.

The twists are longer than usual for a hairstyle for a little girl, but to each her own.  

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