Chrisette Michele Wants All Her Haters to Know She’s ‘No Political Genius’


After performing at President Piss Pot’s inauguration and having Spike Lee say he won’t be using her “Black Girl Magic” song in his Netflix series, Chrisette Michele is hitting back at her haters.


In her new spoken-word rapppity rap or something song, “No Political Genius,” which will once again only be taken seriously by close friends and family members, the singer addresses her Trump performance and specifically makes reference to Lee: “I am the black song Spike Lee won’t sing/I am the black voice inauguration bells ring.”

And she then goes on to describe herself as the “black elephant in the red room scared shook.”

Not only does Lee get a shoutout, but so do Ben Carson and Questlove:

Your hateful words won’t be my defining moment ...
They will be my ammunition to fight the system
We will win them
Hope is alive
This is my standing
For John Lewis and Ben Carson
Questlove, Spike Lee and before them
I won’t divide now
That’s not smart now
God before me, I won’t back down
This is my damn America now

If anything, kudos to Michele for aptly titling the song after herself. And she can definitely forget about working with Spike Lee in the future.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).



Gotta wonder what her gameplan is here. I’m not on twitter but somebody should start every morning by asking her if she’s gotten paid yet.