Chris Tucker  (Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)
Chris Tucker (Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

For the past seven years, neither Chris Tucker nor Jackie Chan has been in any rush to dust off the Rush Hour franchise. In a radio interview from October 2017, Chan said that he and Tucker turned down script after script before finally finding one they liked. As Complex reports, Chan told The Cruz Show on Power 106 that he was interested in moving forward with Rush Hour 4, but only if Tucker agreed to sign on.


On Wednesday, during an appearance on ESPN’s The Plug podcast, Tucker confirmed that Rush Hour 4 was finally a go.


“It’s happening,” the comedian answered after being asked if the duo would ever return to the silver screen.

More than that, Tucker promised that “this is gonna be the rush of all rushes.”

“Jackie is ready, and we want to do this so that people don’t ever forget it,” Tucker added.

The pair have more chemistry than most of your romantic faves, and that will likely have fans pouring back into theaters for another installment of the blockbuster film. To date, the franchise has grossed more than $850 million worldwide.


Both men are also well into middle age, so it’ll be interesting how the script treats their characters, who were first brought together as an unexpected but hilarious crime-fighting duo.

Plus, this is our best opportunity yet to see Chan’s iconic “Ho, but chop your ass in a second” looks make a comeback.


According to Chan in his interview last year, production on the film was slated to begin this year.

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