Chris Rock Total Blackout tour announcement

With everything going on in the world, from the crazy election to a man looking like a Cheetos winning the presidency, it's time for a comedian to bring the pain and laughs. And Chris Rock is going to do just that with his upcoming comedy tour.

Rock announced his Total Blackout comedy tour Monday evening on Facebook:


“Tonight I am announcing that I, Chris Rock, am going on tour. … The Total Blackout tour is coming to your town in 2017,” Rock said. “First time in nine years, OK? Haven’t done it in a while. Been a little busy, you know, writing Pootie Tang 3 and everything. But hey, it’s time, OK?

“See this guy right here?” Rock asked. “This guy is going on tour. I’m … coming to your town, I’ve got all new material, I can’t wait to see ya, bitches.”

Rock hinted at his comedy tour last year when Netflix said that he'd have two new comedy specials. Tickets for Total Blackout go on sale Friday via Live Nation.

You know, a Pootie Tang 3 wouldn't be so bad: "I'm going to sine your pitty on the runny kine!"

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